Provide Trauma Healing Training to Urban Church Leaders in 2022

Our Trauma Healing program helps urban ministry workers get certified to facilitate Bible-based healing groups in their local  communities, providing healing and restoration, which helps to establish healthy churches in every community of poverty.

Enable Healing For Leaders
Help Provide Basic Trauma Care
Train & Certify Leaders

Trauma Is Debilitating & Can Hurt Every Part Of Us

Trauma affects every part of us — mind, body, and spirit.  When we are not healed from our trauma, we are closed off from engagement with God. According to Dr. Diane Langberg:

Trauma overwhelms human coping mechanisms. Trauma is difficult to express. Trauma shatters dignity. Trauma destroys choice.

When our urban church leaders encounter neighbors suffering from trauma, they need to be equipped to provide basic trauma care so that every barrier to engaging with God is removed.

Provide Trauma Healing & Certification To Urban Leaders

At World Impact, we believe the hope of the world is  the local church and that our local leaders need to be holistically and wholly trained and prepared to build  healthy churches. 

When more healthy churches are in impoverished  neighborhoods, lives are transformed by the message of the Bible.

The problem is many of our urban church leaders are suffering the negative impact of trauma and so are  their neighbors and church members. 

When trauma is unaddressed, hearts are hardened by  anger and bitterness and the Hope of the Gospel falls  on hard ground and cannot take root.

We believe every urban church leader and their neighbors deserve healing from their traumas.

We’ve spent the last 50 years empowering thousands of urban leaders across the Globe to receive access to training that can transform their ministry and their communities. And that includes trauma healing and training.

When you donate this month to World Impact, you help provide trauma healing for leaders from their own pain. Those leaders can then become certified to provide basic trauma care to their neighbors and church members.

When we work together to provide trauma healing, we are fulfilling the Gospel by setting the captives free (Isaiah 61:1-4).

Your Donation Ensures Access To Bible-Based Trauma Healing & Certification

Equip local leaders with an opportunity to heal from their own trauma.
Provide certification so leaders can facilitate local healing sessions.
Help transform local communities through the power of trauma healing.

Every Dollar Empowers Leaders Like Bernard, Alberto, and Shampayne Through Effective Training & Trauma Healing

From Gang Member to Pastor:
Bernard’s Story
A Purpose For Her Pain:
The Life Transformation & Ministry of Alberto

How You Can Provide Restoration & Build Healthy Churches


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Leaders are healed and certified to facilitate trauma healing


Local communities are restored through Bible-based trauma healing

Your Donation Provides Hope & Expands Ministries


Since 2015, Canada has welcomed 45,000 Syrian refugees. Raffi and Majd, both Syrian-born Canadian citizens, felt a calling to minister to these traumatized men, women, and children. They attended a World Impact Trauma Healing training and became healing group facilitators.

They then translated the material into Arabic to use it in their outreach to refugees. Not only do they host healing groups for refugees, but they also train psychologists, psychiatrists, Christian counselors, and pastors across Canada. Recently a pastor who had attended one of the training sessions visited a man who was contemplating suicide. The pastor was able to use his training from Raffi and Majd to share the hope of the gospel and save the man’s life.

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