The Life Transformation & Ministry of Alberto

Alberto was a leader in a gang, ready and willing to use violence to take out anyone who threatened him. His family faithfully shared Christ with him and prayed for his conversion.

However, one day Alberto was involved in a gang shooting. He was convicted of first-degree murder and was given a life sentence.

The brutality of prison caused him to question the purpose of his life. He remembered how his parents shared Christ with him and asked the prison guard for a Bible. On his knees in his cell, Alberto began unloading years of burdens to the Lord and experienced peace for the first time.  He gave his life to Christ.

Alberto renounced his allegiance to the gang and had to be moved to a different prison for his protection. When he arrived, he met other prisoners taking seminary training through World Impact. They helped him understand that God wanted to redeem Alberto’s leadership qualities to advance His Kingdom.

He began discipling other prisoners, who in turn began following his example and preaching on the yard to other inmates. God rescued Alberto and transformed the prison community through him. There was such a change in Alberto’s life that he was eventually released from prison and deported back to Mexico.

Today Alberto pastors a church and operates a World Impact Church-Based Seminary satellite where he recognizes leadership qualities in church members and trains them to go plant other churches. The gospel has taken root and is currently transforming Mexican communities. “This brings me joy, because I know I’m doing what God has called me to do.”

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